Review – Kensington iPad Case & Keyboard

Kensington iPad case with Keyboard

Kensington iPad case and Keyboard

KeyFolio looks just like any portfolio that you might expect to find at a business meeting. It’s black, with white stitching, not real leather, but it is a finish that looks good — you probably can’t tell it isn’t leather until you actually touch it. It has a stiff spine and allows the case to close smoothly.

The iPad fits into one cover and the keyboard is on the other. It’s easy to slip together and the fit is good. Once the iPad is in place, just open the case, prop it up, and, you can choose from a variety of angles depending on your placement of the bottom edge of the iPad. There is no wobble or movement unless the entire surface is unstable. (I have been using it on my lap, though it is better on a desktop or table.)

Kensington iPad Keyboard

Close-up Keyboard

The controls for the keyboard are in the top right corner. The power switch is on the side, as well as the charging port, and the very clearly labeled connect button is right next to the power switch. Turning it on is a lesson in simplicity. Turn on Bluetooth in the iPad Settings app, hit the connect button, and after entering a four digit code on the keyboard, you’re ready to go.

Closeup Keyboard

Kensington iPad controls

The keyboard consists of a smooth rubberized ‘chiclet’ type keys that feel pretty good. It’s spillproof and won’t scratch the iPad screen when the case is closed. The keys are as large as possible, which means that the spacing between the keys is quite small.

There are several iPad-specific keys at the top of the keyboard, above the number row, that are quite handy. You can do everything from bring up the onscreen virtual keyboard to pause, fast forward, and reverse your music, mute the device, and increase or decrease the music volume during playback. The button at the top right corner, just to the right of the delete key, is a home button, which is nice. Of course, you could just use the home button on the screen of your iPad, but that way you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard.

Battery life seems to be very generous. I normally top it up at night, so averting a low charge situation. Kensington promises 90 hours of use and up to 100 days of standby from the built in 430 mAh battery, and I don’t have any reason to doubt that claim. I haven’t used it quite that long, of course, but I haven’t had to recharge it once and I’ve been giving it quite a workout. It comes with a USB to micro charging cable that plugs directly  into an iPad or iPhone charger.

The Kensington KeyFolio is a quality product, well made of synthetic leather. The keyboard, while small, is easy to type on and is definitely better (and faster!) than tapping on the screen. Connection is simple, battery life is excellent, and the entire setup looks professional.

Short conclusion: Well worth the $70.00 (US)

John O’D
San Antonio, Texas