Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0.2 & iPhoto ’11

There’s been quiet a bit of discussion recently on using Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE) to do more ‘fine tuning’ than available in iPhoto. One of the possible issues that could concern some ‘moving’ to PSE is what to do with their iPhoto library.

If you’re considering moving your photos from iPhoto into the recently released PSE 9 (or rather, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Organizer, which is the separate organizer application that comes with Photoshop Elements), you’ll want to do the update to version 9.0.2 of PSE. – The first release of PSE didn’t ‘play nicely’ with iPhoto. Link for update (from Adobe) HERE.

So now you have PSE running – At first it’s a bit tricky to discover how to import from iPhoto – You don’t go to the usual File menu and select Import.

What you need to do is look right across to the right end of the menu bar and you’ll see this:
Click where it says Organizer – A new program will start appropriately called Adobe Elements 9 Organizer – see below.

Now you can go to that File menu and select Get Photos and Videos – see below.

You will then get the choice to import your iPhoto images, by selecting From iPhoto – see below.

You’ll now see a confirmation Dialog box, and after clicking on OK the import will proceed.

A word of warning – PSE will import from your default iPhoto Library – If you have more than one library you will need to ensure that you have selected that library in iPhoto by holding down the Control-Key whilst starting iPhoto – Then you should choose what library you wish to make default.