Peachpit Tip #305

Excerpted from The Little Mac Book, Snow Leopard Edition by Robin Williams

Customize Your Stickies

The Stickies application (located inside your Applications folder) lets you put little visual Stickie notes all over your screen, just like you’d stick actual notes around the edge of your monitor. Stickies have a lot of customizable features. For example, you can change fonts, size, color, etc. just as in any other Mac application, by using the Font dialog box (press Command-T). You can drag a graphic image from anywhere on your Mac and drop it into a Stickie note. A note can hold many pages of text and graphics. You won’t see scroll bars, but you can drag the mouse through the text to scroll it, or use the arrow keys and Page Up/Page Down keys. Resize a Stickie note just as you would any other window—drag the bottom-right corner. If you prefer all your notes to use a certain font, size, and color, set up one note the way you like it; then choose Note > Use as Default. All new notes will have those specifications.