Competition Time:

January 16, 2011

Produce a ‘Stop-Motion’ Video.

  • No more than 30 seconds duration – That means a max of 750 frames
  • Any subject / topic you like.
  • The 30 seconds should be all ‘content’ (No opening titles or closing credits included)
  • With or without sound
  • Competition runs until our April Meeting – Tuesday April 12.

For this competition entries will be accepted from financial AUGNQ members and subscribers to the NQMUG email list. You are encouraged to join us in AUGNQ and to let your family, friends and co-workers know about AUGNQ.

Send an email to me if you know of someone who would like to join our list.

Between now and the competitions end there are:
2 meetings Feb 8 and Mar 8 and
3 workshops Feb 12, Mar 12 and Apr 19.
So plenty of ‘get-togethers’ to sort out any problems and get assistance.

Along the way I will post some links that may help – And here’s the first one:

Have a read of that and it should give you the general idea. Although it focuses on using a still camera you can use a video camera – For instance let your video camera record from a fixed location for 30 Mins then select, say, ½ second per 30 secs of that sequence, and you get 30 secs 🙂

I’ll work out ways you can get your finished video to me, and I will have a special page on the AUGNQ website to show off all the entries.

There will be an independent judge to decide the winner and hopefully get a suitable prize.

Some examples:

Some advice – If you have a person in your pic/s that could be recognised then make sure you have their permission (If they are there for only a few frames then there is little hope of any recognition)

Comments and questions to: AUGNQ Competition

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